Home trends in California

The population is headed downwards. Seems people can not tolerate the high taxes. Most homes are at an all time high. Many believe the bubble will burst. However as soon a a home is listed for sale, there are multicable offers, often tens of thousands of dollars over asking price. Why then is the trend that California is becoming a residents for the 1% club? Interesting known fact. George Soros, Jeff Bezo, Bill Gates, could divide their wealth by each and every human on earth. Giving each breathing being 2 million dollars a piece. When the average person in the United States doesn’t even have a savings of $1000.00. Curious isn’t it?


One thought on “Home trends in California

  1. World population is north of 7.5 Billion . Bezos networth is 200+ million , bill gates 150B+ though after divorce would cut down by half and Soros is not even worth mentioning at 8B. Assuming you take all billionaires in the world from Forbes their total net worth is around 13.1 Trillion $ . Divide that by 7.5 Billion humans and you end up with each human being with 1750$ ***ONLY***.

    Also if each of these Trillionaires whose net worth is tied in their companies or businesses sold of their companies you would have even larger problems .

    Ref : https://www.forbes.com/sites/kerryadolan/2021/04/06/forbes-35th-annual-worlds-billionaires-list-facts-and-figures-2021/


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