About US

Buying- Selling -Leasing or Investing. 20 years in this industry . A Real Estate Brokerage Firm. All needs, all people, all service. Where relationships are number one. Thank you for making it the best. Without you, 20 years in this amazing culture just couldn’t be possible. We are number one because we care about relationships. Trust and building lasting relationships is our goal. Of course knowing the inventory , predicting and knowing the business. We have an incredible team. Lenders, escrow, title. Savings without cutting service. We are not a franchise, so you never pay any fees for franchise fees. For all your real estate needs and questions please contact us!

My Expertise is Luxury Home Sales and Marketing.

In business, the Law of Consistency states that success is measured in decades, not years. Accordingly, credentials are the collateral I put up to establish the viability of my programs: sweat-earned experience gained over a career spanning four-decades doing one thing: high-level residential sales in marketing for both professional sellers (builders) and home owners alike.

There’s a great difference between putting a home on the market and marketing a home. If that that were not true, then builders with projects valued at tens-of-millions of dollars would list their projects with local area agents and let MLS work its magic; but they don’t, because listing with a local area achiever, a franchise operator and MLS for a builder is the kiss of death.

Builders have to work with a marketing professional that knows how to create demand by creating markets; that knows how to stimulate incentive and how to merchandise onsite, offsite, online, in print and through personalities to achieve success.

That expertise is what I bring to the table for both builders and home owners wherever needed and, thus, my motto: Non-local, Unbounded, My Influence Extends Everywhere.

We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and understanding in the sale of our home.  We interviewed many Realtors prior to hiring you.  We feel that the selection of your real estate firm helped us sell our house for the best price in a timely manner.  The real estate agents were most helpful and they treated our sale with the utmost professionalism.  You showed our house numerous times and we feel that it is a great compliment to your advertising.  We were happy with our exposure through your website, local newspaper, and various real estate publications.  We also feel that your exclusive warranty helped the buyer of our home feel more at ease with the purchase.  In summation, we are very happy with the service you provided and look forward to possible future endeavors.

                                        Kerry McGuire


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