Penelope the Purple Dragon needs your help!


Penelope was a beautiful purple dragon who lived in a cave on the edge of a magical forest. She was known for her fierce flames and her love of treasure, but there was one thing that she loved more than anything else: pickles.

Penelope could eat pickles all day, every day. She loved the crisp, tangy flavor and the crunchy texture. She would often fly down to the nearby village to sneak a jar or two from the local farmer’s market.

One day, as Penelope was enjoying her usual feast of pickles, she suddenly started to feel strange. Her stomach began to ache and her throat felt tight. She tried to ignore the discomfort and continue eating, but soon she was writhing in pain on the ground.

Panicked, Penelope called out for help. A group of forest animals heard her cries and rushed to her side. They saw that her skin was turning red and blistering, and they knew that she must be having an allergic reaction.

The animals quickly ran to fetch a local healer, who lived in a small cottage deep in the forest. The healer examined Penelope and determined that she was indeed having an allergic reaction, most likely to something she had eaten.

The healer gave Penelope some medicine to help alleviate her symptoms and asked if she had eaten anything unusual recently. Penelope sheepishly admitted that she had been eating pickles all day. The healer nodded, understanding now what had caused the reaction.

Penelope was devastated. She loved pickles more than anything, and now she couldn’t eat them without getting sick. The healer assured Penelope that there were many other delicious foods she could try, but Penelope wasn’t interested. She sulked in her cave for days, feeling sorry for herself.

But eventually, Penelope realized that she couldn’t let her allergy hold her back. She decided to embrace her love of adventure and try new foods. She discovered that she loved spicy chili peppers and sweet berries, and she even began to enjoy vegetables that she had previously avoided.

Penelope learned that even though she couldn’t eat pickles anymore, there were still many other delicious things in the world to try. And she was grateful to the healer and the forest animals for helping her through her allergic reaction and showing her that there was still hope and joy to be found in the world.


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